Episode 31: Animortall Recall, Part 2

Amy, Abby, and Grace still can’t tell you who they are, but boy, can they ever tell you more about Animorphs. Part 2 of this patron-supported bonus episode continues their discussion of the first four books of K.A. Applegate’s Animorphs series. Join them to talk about: Can’t a Book Restructure a Government? Tobias: Prince of Hawks, Hawk Forever! Shormship Cormorm! Cute Teen Crushes, Cute Teen Friends!

Abby and Grace guested on episode seventy-seven of Wheels Up in Forty

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Our music is Greensleeves by Zetta. Additional sounds used in this episode include Charm.

Content discussed in this episode includes: Discussion of children in life-threatening situations. Discussion of ableism and and ableist language. Discussion of war and warfare, violence and death.